Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian Wedding Traditions

Parsi Wedding Rituals In India

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A Parsi wedding is called Lagan and it takes place with great enthusiasm. The traditions and the rituals that are observed in a Parsi wedding are quite different from that of a Hindu marriage. These rituals are interesting and full of excitement. Though the customs are very simple but the Parsi people get the full scope of enjoyment on their wedding. The rituals in a Parsi marriage are extended beyond a week. It can be divided under pre-wedding, marriage day and post-wedding ceremonies.

Pre-wedding ceremony

  • Rupia Peravanu

The pre-wedding ceremony of the Parsi people gets started with Rupia Peravanu. It is an unofficial engagement when the ladies from the groom’s family pay a visit to the house of the bride and present her shagun as well as silver coins. This ritual also takes place at the house of the groom when the family members of the bride use to visit them.

  • Madhavsaro

Just after the Rupia Peravanu, Madhavsaro takes place when the family members of the wedding couple use to plant a tree in a pot independently. This pot is placed in front of the entrance of the houses of the bride and groom. The Parsi people use to water those plants until the eighth day of marriage is reached. After the eighth day is over they planted the tree in some other place.

  • Adarni

The next ritual is Adarni when the family members of the groom visit the place of the bride and presents her gifts such as jewelry, garments, etc. The guests of the groom are given sev, dahi, bananas and boiled eggs.

  • Supra nu Murat

This ritual takes place a day prior to the wedding. It is akin to the Haldi ceremony of the Hindus. Both the groom and the bride are applied paste of turmeric by five married women.

  • Nahan

In this ritual, the bride and the groom use to bath separately in their houses with purified water and prepare themselves for the marriage ceremony.

Wedding day ceremony

  • Achumichu

A wedding stage is prepared in a baug or agiary in Parsi wedding. It is the fire temple where the mother of the bride performs a ritual called Achumichu. She carries a tray containing raw egg, rice, supari, coconut, dates, etc and circles these items seven times around the head of the groom and then throws them over the floor.

  • Ara Antar

Then Ara Antar takes place when the bride and groom use to seat facing one another with a cloth in between them.

  • Circling the couple with string

Soon after this, the priest encircles the wedding couple by means of a string seven times. And on the seventh round, the bride and the groom use to throw rice at one another over the curtain. It is believed that whoever can throw the rice first, will rule the family. Then the couple use to sit adjacent to each other with seven strands of string binding them.

  • Chero Bandhvanu

Next is the time for Chero Bandhvanu when the rice and rose petals are showered on the bride and groom and they exchange ring with each other.

  • Haath Borvanu

Then is the Haath Borvanu ritual when the sister of the bride places the hand of the groom in a glass of water, throws milk over his shoes and takes away the seven strands binding the bride and groom in order to take token money from the groom.

Post wedding ceremony

The Parsi people celebrate their reception party in a grand way with great music, dance and food. Their dinner is arranged in a sumptuous manner with four course meals including all Parsi delicacies. As soon as the wedding ceremony is over, the bride and groom start their journey towards the groom’s house. The mother of the groom carries on the Achumichu ceremony once again soon after the arrival of the newly wedded couple.

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