Wedding Attire

Wedding Attire

Majestic Wedding Dresses Of Rajasthani Bride And Groom

Wedding is celebrated in a grand fashion in Rajasthan. The people of Rajasthan are famous all over the world for wearing colorful attires and when wedding is concerned there is a celebration of colors all around. The flamboyance of the wedding dresses reflects an exclusive charm. The bride and the groom are dressed in the most beautiful way to look best on the day of their marriage. They prefer gorgeous wedding ensembles with heavy embroidery. The brides are mostly dressed in gaudy red heavily embellished Ghagra Churni with lots of gold jewelry and the grooms are dressed in gorgeous Sherwani with long dupatta.

Wedding attire of Rajasthani bride

The wedding costumes of the Rajasthani people are a fantastic combination of brilliant hues. Red is the most preferred color of the bride but many women also prefer wearing sizzling orange, bright yellow and charming pink color costumes.  Along with the wedding dress comes the fabulous jewelry of the bride including Rakhri, Hanging Earrings, Timaniyaan, Chooda, Bajuband, Gold Anklets, Bichhiya, Nath, etc. Rakhri is the bridal jewelry for the forehead, Timaniyaan is a choker studded with diamonds, Chooda is actually a set of gold and ivory bangles, Bajuband is an armlet bedecked with gold and stones, Bichhiya is toe-ring for feet and Nath is the nose ring made of stones.

The stunning bridal attires of the Rajasthani women are created generally on silk base with colored stones, semi precious games, silken threads, traditional motifs and enchanting floral patterns all over. The superb embroidery work enhances the splendor of the Rajasthani wedding sari or Ghagra.  The saris or the ghagras are matched with blouses and cholis. The Rajasthani bride also wears Odhni which is long piece of cloth of the length of 3 meters by 2 meters. This Odhni is worn over the sari on the wedding day. It is adorned elegantly like a sari and covers the head of the bride in a short veil. Every Rajasthani woman treasured the bridal Odhni through out her life.

Wedding attire of Rajasthani groom

Next to the Rajasthani brides, the grooms also get dressed like a king in an exclusive grace and finesse on the day of marriage. They generally wear turbans on their heads embellished with jewels or feathers. In order to tie the royal turbans, Pagribands are sometimes called in. Ranghkhana, Chhapakhana and Siwankhana are the special departments in charge of dyeing, printing as well as tailoring the fabrics of the royal suits. Since the Rajputs are closely associated with the Mughals, they adopted their style of wearing clothes like rich embroidered brocade and silk suits, Pashmina suits, etc. The traditional costume of the Rajasthani groom consists of a long coat called Achkan in golden color with stately saffron turban and a churidar and royal shoes. In Rajasthan the grooms are also found to wear dazzling jewelry like Serpech on the turbans. They also wear necklace and cummerbund around their waists.

However, nowadays the modern grooms of Rajasthan opt for a perfect blend of urban as well as the western fashion trend. They can add a majestic touch to their looks by wearing exclusive Off-White Color Sherwanis or Maroon Churidar Pyjamas. They can have their wedding ensembles festooned with excellent embroidery works of sequins, pearls, stones, kundans, diamonds, zari, zardosi, cutdana and antique buttons on high neck collars and sleeves.

In order to choose the best Rajasthani wedding attires for men and women, one can consult with the best wedding planners in India. They have contact with the top dress designers and dress suppliers of the country and thus are able to guide you the best for purchasing the best wedding dress within your budget.

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